Goidelic leids

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Lingueestic clessificationIndo-European
Early form

The Gaelic or Goidelic leids is a group o three sib leids - the Scots Gaelic leid (Gàidhlig), the Manx leid (Gaelg), an the Erse leid (Gaeilge). Thae leids grew frae the the leid kent nou as Auld Erse an thegither wi the Brythonic leids mak up the Celtic leids.

Scotland thare's aboot 61,000 fowk that speaks Scots Gaelic aside the 1.5 million that speaks Scots an the mony fowk that speaks Inglis. Aboot 1700 fowk speaks Manx Gaelic. O the Gaelic leids juist Erse hae been made a wirkin leid o the European Union (EU).

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