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Collogue:Goidelic leids

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Hmm. Cuid ye say that Galician is raellie cryed Gaelic? Fae rakin aboot on the English Wiki A can see the'r mibbe some kin o connection atween the names, but A dinna think oniebodie leukin for "Gaelic leid" wad expect tae see Galician mentioned. Mendor 11:48, 18 Dizember 2005 (UTC)

Fower? Whelk is e ane att's saken?

Hi! I come from the aragonese wikipedia. I think you have comitted an error in the case of Galician. Galician is a roman language (like portuguese, spanish, catalan, etc.) In facto some people consider it is a same language together with the portuguese. The name of the coutry, I think it is from celtic origin, but that language was completely lost during the roman domination. 14:28, 26 Januar 2006 (UTC)[Replie]