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Gmail's logo
Teep o steid
Available in 57 leids[1]
Awner Google
Creautit bi Paul Buchheit
Commercial Yes
Registration Required
Users 425 million (Juin 2012)[2]
Launched 1 Aprile 2004; 13 years ago (2004-04-01)
Current status Online
Content license
Written in Java an JavaScript[3][4]

Gmail is a free wabmail onwaitin, nou in beta seyin, gien bi Google, Inc.

Syne Gmail is yet in "beta" (haein been initially opened on 1 Aprile, 2004) ingate tae the onwaitin is stintit tae thae that gat an inveetation fae an uisin accoont haunder, fae Blogger, or throu thair mobile phone. Some thinks Gmail will conteena tae juist-ser-inveetit-uisers e'en aifter the beta phase in howp o lessenin the danger o spam.

Google Mail is the name in Unitit Kinrick

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