Glesga Necropolis

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Glesga Necropolis
Wfm glasgow necropolis.jpg
Monuments on the summit o the Glesga Necropolis hill
Year established 1832
Location Glesga
Kintra Scotland
Coordinates 55°51′44″N 4°14′00″W / 55.86217°N 4.23340°W / 55.86217; -4.23340
Type Public
Size 37 acres (15 ha)
Nummer o interments 50,000

The Glesga Necropolis (Inglis: Glasgow Necropolis) is a Victorian cemetery in Glesga, Scotland. It is on a law but very prominent hill tae the east o Glesga Cathedral (St. Mungo's Cathedral). Fifty thoosand individuals hae been buried here. Teepically for the period anly a smaw percentage are named on monuments an nae every grave haes a stane. Approximately 3500 monuments exeest here.

Coordinates: 55°51′45″N 4°13′50″W / 55.86250°N 4.23056°W / 55.86250; -4.23056