Glesga Museum o Transport

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Glesga Museum o Transport
(in Inglis) Glasgow Museum of Transport
The new Glesga Museum o Transport (Riverside Museum)
LocationGlesga, Scotland
Coordinates55°52′07″N 4°17′42″W / 55.8687°N 4.295°W / 55.8687; -4.295

The Glesga Museum o Transport (Inglis: Glasgow Museum of Transport) in Glesga, Scotland wis setten up in 1964 an wis first locatit at a umwhile tram depot in Pollokshields. In 1987 the museum flittit tae the ceety's Kelvin Haa, syne flittit tae its current steid in the Riverside Museum biggin at Glesga Herbor in 2011.[1]

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Coordinates: 55°52′07″N 4°17′42″W / 55.8687°N 4.2950°W / 55.8687; -4.2950