Gibraltar, Venezuela

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Gibraltar is a toun locatit in Zulia in Venezuela atween Bobures tae the sooth an Boscan tae the north. It is on the shore o Loch Maracaibo. The population is aroond 4,000.

It wis foondit as San Antonio de Gibraltar in Februar 1592 bi Gonzalo Piña Lidueña an teuk its name frae his hame toun, the then Spainyie Gibraltar (nou a Breetish owerseas territory).[1] It wis, durin the colonial period, the maist important harbour o the ceety o Mérida an a major centre for the exportation o cacao. However, it wis taken an ransackit in 1667 by the pirate François l'Olonnais an twa years later by sir Henry Morgan. The damage wis so severe that it haed nearly ceased tae exist bi 1680.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 9°16′N 71°08′W / 9.267°N 71.133°W / 9.267; -71.133