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A gibbery hoose
A gibbery hoose

Gibbery is a skorper or cake wi a ginge gust.

As a skorper, gibbery can be made intil a scleff, crisp ceukie (aft cried a ginger snap ) or a safter skorper seemilar tae the German Lebkuchen. Gibbery skorpers is aft cut intil shapes, parteecular Gibbery men. No tae be confuised wi the Gibbery-men or Gibbery-Wummen that selt it.

Some kynds o gibbery is uised tae mak hoose-shapit cakes, lik that seen bi Hansel an Gretel. Thir, kivered wi monie sweeties an icins, is a common Christenmas decorement.