Hansel an Gretel

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Hansel an Gretel is a story for wee weans. It tells o twa weans that gaed for a wee daunder in the wids, drappin breid ahint them for tae find their wey back hame, but the birdies ate aw the bried an they forwandert.

Syne they came ower a gibbery hoose - whaur it turnt oot that a carline bidit. The carline got a grip o them an wis gaun tae eat them, but whan she telt Gretel tae gang intae the stove, Gretel wi a wee slicht wiced the carline tae get intae the stove first for tae mak siccar it wis het eneuch.

Syne the weans ran awa back tae their faither.