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Gianni Infantino

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Gianni Infantino
Infantino during the draw for UEFA Euro 2012 qualifyin play-offs in Kraków, 2011
9t Preses o FIFA
Assumed office
26 Februar 2016
Precedit biIssa Hayatou (actin)
Personal details
Born (1970-03-23) 23 Mairch 1970 (age 54)
Brig, Swisserland
NaitionalitySwiss and Italian
ThriftSports admeenistrator

Gianni Infantino (born 23d Mairch 1970 in Brig, Valais, Swisserland) is a Swiss-Italian law scholart. He is preses o FIFA fae 26t Febriweer on. Afore that, he wis secretar general o UEFA fae 2009 tae 2016. He spiks the follaein leids: the Italian, the German, the Frainsh, the Inglis, the Spaingie, the Portuguese, the Arabic and the fitba