Gerty Cori

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Gerty Cori
Gerty Cori in 1947
BornGerty Theresa Radnitz
15 August 1896(1896-08-15)
Prague, Austro-Hungarian Empire
Dee'd26 October 1957(1957-10-26) (aged 61)
Glendale, Missouri, USA
Cause o daith
ResidenceUnitit States
Ither namesGerty Theresa Cori
CitizenshipUnitit States
Alma materKarl-Ferdinands-Universität in Prague
Kent forExtensive resairch on carbohydrate metabolism; descrived the Cori cycle; identified Glucose 1-phosphate
Hauf-marrae(s)Carl Ferdinand Cori (m. 1920–1957)
AwairdsMony awairds an recognitions, includin Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicine (1947)
Garvan–Olin Medal (1948)

Gerty Theresa Cori (née Radnitz; 15 August 1896 – 26 October 1957) wis a Czech-American biochemist wha beame the third wumman—an first American woman—tae win a Nobel Prize in science, an the first woman tae be awairdit the Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicine.