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Arbroath F.C.

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(Reguidit frae Gayfield Park)
Full nameArbroath Football Club
Nickname(s)The Red Lichties, The Smokies
Foondit1 Julie 1878; 146 years ago (1878-07-01)
GroundGayfield Park, Arbroath
Ground Capacity6,600 (861 Seated)
ChairmanJohn Christison
ManagerDick Campbell
LeagueScottish Championship
2022–23Scottish Championship, 8t o 10
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Arbroath Football Club are a Scots fitbaw club currently playin in the Scottish League Two. The club wur foondit in 1878 an play hame matches at Gayfield Park. Thay play in maroon strips, an are elknamit "the Red Lichties" due tae the reid licht that uised tae guide fishin boats back frae the North Sea tae the burgh's harbour. Arbroath share a lang-staundin an fierce rivalry wi local neighbours Montrose.