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Garda Síochána

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An Garda Síochána
Common nameGardaí
Shield o An Garda Síochána
MottoWirkin wi Communities tae Pertect an Ser (Ag obair le Pobail chun iad a chosaint agus chun freastal orthu)[a]
Agency owerview
Formed22 Februar, 1922[1]
Preceding agencies
Employees17,607 (total)
13,977 sworn members
3,164 civilian staff
466 reserves[2]
Annual budget€1.426 billion (2015)[3]
Legal personalityNon govrenment: government agency
Jurisdictional structur
Naitional agencyRepublic o Ireland
An Garda Síochána aurie o jurisdiction in daurk blue
Size70,273 km²
Population4,588,252 (2011)[4]
General naitur
Operational structur
HeidquartersGarda Heidquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin
Officers14,443 incl. 466 reserves (2019)[2]
Civilians3,164 (2019)[2]
Elected officer responsibleCharles Flanagan (TD), Meenister fur Justice an Equality
Agency executiveDrew Harris, Garda Commissioner
Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR)
Motors2,815 (2017)[6]
BoatsGarda Watter Unit
Aircraft2 helicopters
1 fixed-wing surveillance aircraft
CaninesGarda Dug Unit
HorsesGarda Muntit Unit
^ "Wirkin wi Communities tae Pertect an Ser" is descrived as mission statement raither than formal motto

An Garda Síochána (Erse pronunciation: [ən ˈɡaːrd̪ə ˈʃiːxaːn̪ˠə] ( listen); meanin "the Gairdian o the Peace"), mair commonly referred to as the Gardaí ([ˈɡaːɾˠd̪ˠiː] "Gairdians") or "the Gairds", is the polis service o the Republic o Ireland. The service is heidit by the Garda Commissioner thit is appyntit by the Erse Govrenment. Its heidquarters are in Dublin's Phoenix Park.

Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]

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