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Coat of airms o Göppingen
Coat airms
Göppingen is located in Germany
Location o Göppingen athin Göppingen (destrict) destrict
Coordinates: 48°42′9″N 9°39′10″E / 48.70250°N 9.65278°E / 48.70250; 9.65278Coordinates: 48°42′9″N 9°39′10″E / 48.70250°N 9.65278°E / 48.70250; 9.65278
Admin. regionStuttgart
DestrictGöppingen (destrict)
 • MayorGuido Till (SPD)
 • Total59.22 km2 (22.86 sq mi)
323 m (1,060 ft)
 • Total58,061
 • Density980/km2 (2,500/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Diallin codes07161, 07165, 07163
Vehicle registrationGP

Göppingen is a toun in soothren Germany, pairt o the Stuttgart Region o Baden-Württemberg. It is the caipital o the destrict Göppingen. It is situatit at the bottom o the Hohenstaufen muntain, in the valley o the river Fils.

The German branch o SIGG haes its offices in the ceety.[2]


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Tradition haes it that the ceety wis foondit bi an Alemannic leader cried Geppo sometime in the 3rd or 4t century. A disastrous fire on August 25, 1782 destroyed maist o the toun, but it wis immediately rebuilt. Industrialisation durin the 19t century made the aurie intae a centre o industry. The importance o such industry is still seen in the toun in the present day in companies such as Märklin an Schuler.

Cooke Barracks

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In 1930, a civilian air field wis built north o Göppingen. This wis acquired bi the Luftwaffe in 1935 an expandit intae Fliegerhorst Kaserne. Frae 1945 through 1949, displaced persons an refugees wur hoosed in the kaserne. In 1949, it wis renamed Cooke Barracks in honor o Charles H. Cooke, Jr. who haed been posthumously awardit the Silver Star and Soldier's Medal for gallantry in action. In late 1950, the 7t Army haed been reactivatit in Stuttgart an U.S. Airmy units began tae be stationed at Cooke Barracks. The barracks began tae be expandit an wis uised as the 28t Infantry Diveesion heidquarters. The 28t Infantry wis redesignatit as the 9t Infantry Diveesion (Unitit States) in 1954 an wis replaced bi the 8t Infantry Diveesion in 1956. They wur then replaced bi the 4t Armored Diveesion in 1957, which wis redesignatit as the 1st Armored Diveesion in 1971 an muivit tae Hindenburg Kaserne in Ansbach in 1972. The 1st Infantry Diveesion muivit frae Augsburg in 1972 till they wur deactivatit in 1991. Cooke Barracks wis returned tae the German govrenment in 1992. The barracks wur again uised tae hoose refugees for some time, then returned tae ceevilian uise.[3] A wabsteid, CookeBarracks.com, is dedicatit tae those who served at Cooke Barracks.

Frisch Auf! Göppingen currently plays in the German first handbaw-diveesion (Handball-Bundesliga).

Twin touns

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