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Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 28°20′N 14°1′W / 28.333°N 14.017°W / 28.333; -14.017
Airchipelagae Canary Islands
Tot islands 1
Major islands 1
Aurie 1,660 km2 (640 sq mi)
Heichest elevation 807 m (2,648 ft)
Heichest point Pico de Jandía
Autonomous Commonty Canary Islands
Province Las Palmas
Lairgest settlement Puerto del Rosario (pop. 28,357)
Population 74,983 (2003)
Pop. density 45 /km2 (117 /sq mi)

Fuerteventura (pronoonced: [fweɾteβenˈtuɾa]; literally meaning "strong fortune", is ane o the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean an is pairt o the North Africae region, poleetically pairt o Spain. At 1,660 square kilometres (641 square miles), it is the seicont lairgest o the Canary Islands, efter Tenerife. It wis declared a biosphere reserve bi UNESCO in Mey 2009. Its caipital is Puerto del Rosario.