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Friedrich Schiller
Friedrich Schiller by Ludovike Simanowiz.jpg
Portrait bi Ludovike Simanowiz (1794)
Born Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller
10 November 1759(1759-11-10)
Marbach am Neckar, Württemberg, Germany
Dee'd 9 Mey 1805(1805-05-09) (aged 45)
Weimar, Saxe-Weimar
Thrift Poet, playwricht, writer, historian, filosofer
Naitionality German
Leeterar muivement Sturm und Drang, Weimar Clessicism
Notable warks The Robbers
Don Carlos
Wallenstein Trilogy
Mary Stuart
William Tell
Spoose Charlotte von Lengefeld (1790–1805, his daith)
Bairns Karl Ludwig Friedrich (1793–1857), Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm (1796–1841), Karoline Luise Friederike (1799–1850), Emilie Henriette Luise (1804–1872)
Relatives Johann Kaspar Schiller (faither), Elisabeth Dorothea Schiller, born Kodweiß (mither)


Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (German: [ˈjoːhan ˈkʁɪstɔf ˈfʁiːdʁɪç fɔn ˈʃɪlɐ]; 10 November 1759 – 9 Mey 1805) wis a German poet, filosofer, physeecian, historian, an playwricht. Durin the last seiventeen years o his life (1788–1805), Schiller struck up a productive, if complicatit, friendship wi the awready famous an influential Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. They frequently discussit issues concernin aesthetics, an Schiller encouragit Goethe tae feenish wirks he left as sketches. This relationship an these discussions led tae a period nou referred tae as Weimar Clessicism. They forbye wirkit thegither on Xenien, a collection o short satirical poems in which baith Schiller an Goethe challenge opponents tae their filosofical veesion.

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