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French presidential election, 2012

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  François Hollande Nicolas Sarkozy
Nominee François Hollande Nicolas Sarkozy
Pairty PS UMP
Popular vote 18,000,668 16,860,685
Percentage 51.64% 48.36%

Results o the seicont roond: the candidate wi the plurality o votes in each French depairtment. François Hollande: pink; Nicolas Sarkozy: blue

Preses afore election

Nicolas Sarkozy

Electit Preses

François Hollande

A presidential election wis held in Fraunce on 22 Aprile 2012 (or 21 Aprile in some owerseas depairtments an territories), wi a seicont roond run-aff held on 6 Mey (or 5 Mey for those same territories) tae elect the Preses o Fraunce (who is an aa ex officio ane o the twa jynt heids o state o Andorrae, a sovereign state). The incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy wis runnin for a seicont successive an, unner the terms o the constitution, final term in the election.

The first roond endit wi the selection o François Hollande an Nicolas Sarkozy as seicont roond pairteecipants, as neither o them received a majority o votes cast in the first roond. Hollande wan the runaff wi 51.64% o the vote tae Sarkozy's 48.36%.[1]

The presidential election wis follaeed bi a legislative election in Juin an wis the seicont tae featur candidates nae tae hae been in politics unner Charles de Gaulle.


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