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Frederick III, Haly Roman Emperor

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Frederick III
Portrait bi Hans Burgkmair, aboot 1500 (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna)
Holy Roman Emperor
Ring19 Mairch 1452 – 19 August 1493
Coronation19 Mairch 1452
SuccessorMaximilian I
Keeng o Germany
(Keeng o the Romans)
Ring2 Februar 1440 – 19 August 1493
Coronation17 Juin 1442
PredecessorAlbert II
SuccessorMaximilian I
Airchduke o Austrick
Reing23 November 1457 – 19 August 1493
SuccessorMaximilian I
Born21 September 1415(1415-09-21)
Innsbruck, Tyrol
Dee'd19 August 1493(1493-08-19) (aged 77)
Linz, Austrick
BuirialSt. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
SpouseEleanor o Portugal
IssueMaximilian I
HooseHabsburgs o Austrick
FaitherErnest the Airn
MitherCymburgis o Masovie
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Frederick III (21 September 1415 – 19 August 1493), cried the Peacefu, wis Haly Roman Emperor frae 1452 till his daoth, the first emperor o the Hoose o Habsburg.