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Francis Buchanan White

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Francis Buchanan White

Francis Buchanan White (20 Mairch 1842, Pairth - 3 December 1894, Pairth) wis a Scots entomologist an botanist.

He studiet medicine at the University o Edinburgh. Efter doin a Grand Tour in 1866, he settled in Perth whaur he wad remain his entire life. His main aurie o interest wis the Lepidoptera an the taxonomy o the Hemiptera. He wis the author o numerous scienteefic papers, published in the Scots Naturalist, Journal o Botany, an The Proceedins an Transactions o the Pairthshire Society o Natural Science. White wis a Fellae o the Royal Entomological Society an the Linnean Society.[1]

In 1883, White redescribit the kent species o the Hemiptera genus Halobates an he illustratit 11 species in colour, wi numerous drawins in black an white o structural details. This wis ane o the pairts o the Challenger Report.

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