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Forbidden Ceety

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The Forbidden Ceety
The Gate o Divine Micht, the northren gate. The lawer tablet reads "The Pailace Museum" (故宫博物院)
Forbidden Ceety is located in central Beijing
Forbidden Ceety
Location within central Beijing
Forbidden Ceety is located in Beijing
Forbidden Ceety
Forbidden Ceety (Beijing)
Location4 Jingshan Front St, Dongcheng, Beijing, Cheenae
Coordinates39°54′58″N 116°23′53″E / 39.915987°N 116.397925°E / 39.915987; 116.397925Coordinates: 39°54′58″N 116°23′53″E / 39.915987°N 116.397925°E / 39.915987; 116.397925
TeepArt museum, Imperial Palace, Historic site
Veesitors16.7 million[1]
CuratorWang Xudong
Aurie72 hectares
ArchitectKuai Xiang
Architectural style(s)Cheenese airchitectur
Wabsteiden.dpm.org.cn (Inglis)
www.dpm.org.cn (Cheenese)
Pairt oImperial Pailaces o the Ming an Qing Dynasties in Beijing an Shenyang
CriteriaCultural: i, ii, iii, iv
Inscription1987 (11t Session)

The Forbidden Ceety in Beijing o the Fowk's Republic o Cheenae, hame tae the Emperors o the Ming an Qing Deenasties.


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