Fit (body pairt)

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A body's fit.
The feet o an adult an a bairn.

A fit (ae fit, twa or mair feet) is a body pairt on the end o a leg. We uise it whan walkin, an it is important for tae balance: it helps us stand straucht. We uise it for tae kick an aw, in baith fechtin an sports, fitbaw bein ane ensaumple.

Fowk's haunds an feet hae the same shape: thay baith hae fife digits (the fingers an taes). Mony ither ainimals wi rig-banes hae five digits an aw. The pairt o the fit that jyns it tae the leg is cried the heel. The unnerside o the fit is cried the sole or howe o the fit.

In mony societies, fowk like tae kiver the fit whan thay are wi others, parteecular ootside. In mony culturs (for ensaumple North Americaen, European, Japanese an ithers) fowk weir claes ower the fit for tae keep it sauf. This fitweir haes speicial names, for ensaumple sandals, shuin, an buits.