First Lady o the Unitit States

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First Lady o the Unitit States
Jill Biden
ResidenceThe White House
Inaugural holderMartha Washington

First Lady o the Unitit States (FLOTUS) is the title haudit bi the hostess o the White House, usually the wife o the Preses o the Unitit States, concurrent wi the preses's term in office. Tho the First Lady's role haes niver bin codifiit or defined, she figures prominently in the politeics an social lyfe o the naition.[1] Syne the early 20th yeirhunner, the First Lady haes bin assistit bi official staff, noo kent as the Office o the First Lady an heidquarterit in the East Wing o the White House. Melania Trump wis First Lady o the Unitit States (2016-2020), as wife o 45t Preses Donald Trump.

On 21 Januar 2021, Joe Biden wis electit as 46t Preses an his wife Jill Biden is the praisent First Lady o the Unitit States (FLOTUS).[2]

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