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Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (ファイプロ・リターンズ) (FPR) is a professional wrestlin video game that wis released in 2005 in Japan, an wis released on November 13, 2007 in North Americae an Februar 8, 2008 in Italy. The game is part o the Fire Pro Wrestling series.

As the title suggests, the game marks Spike's return to 2D wrestlin games. Some time efter Spike released its 3D "King of Colosseum" wrestlin game for the PlayStation 2, the publisher announced their 2003 PlayStation 2 title Fire Pro Wrestling Z woud be the end o the Fire Pro Wrestling series.

Features[eedit | eedit soorce]

Like ither titles in the Fire Pro Wrestling series, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns distinguishes itself frae ither wrestlin games bi focusing on timing an complex strategy, as opposed to the button-mashing tactics with which maist wrestlin gamers ar familiar for 2-D games. Agetec released an official North American port o the game on November 13, 2007. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns offers a roster of 327 wrestlers frae a variety o real-life wrestlin companies. Uisin a sophisticated design mode, the game also allows players to build an wrestle with or against 500 additional characters. Players can create custom wrestlin rings, belts, promotions, an referees. Ane o the best-selling Fire Pro Wrestling games in the series.

Character customization[eedit | eedit soorce]

Unlike a number o previous Fire Pro titles, Returns does na imitate rosters o American wrestlin companies like World Wrestling Entertainment, although the AWG Organization in the game does hae mony characters that look juist like various kent legends frae WWE, WCW, ECW, an TNA. Also, the game's hefty stockpile o template heads, bodies, clothes an accessories haes allowed American wrestlin fans tae recreate mony o their favorite wrestlin superstars accurately with great ease, an make them available for download online. As reported bi IGN, Returns supplies new customizing tools, such as a "Face Layer" feature that allows players tae create a wrestler's face using multiple objects. Hunders o wrestler faces ar available, includin those o mony heestorical wrestlers. Players can add up to twa layers o facial accessories, including hair styles, visors, beards, helmets an tattoos. "Ane example starts with a base face, adds a mohawk... an finishes off with a colorful mask,"'s review stated. Returns provides 1,649 wrestlin moves tae choose frae when customizing a character an the game's engine allows ye tae give the character complicated logic instructions dictating how the character behaves in a variety o situations.

Ither new features[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The game allows the player tae create up tae 500 wrestlers.
  • The creation o custom titles is now possible as a new belt editin feature is added.
  • A new logo making feature allows players tae create accurate logos an symbols. These logos can be uised to design their awn ring an federation.
  • Smawer indy promotions an wrestlers ar featured in the default roster.
  • Factions can be adjusted tae reflect heel or face alignments.
  • Up tae 4 preset match setups for maist game modes can be saved.
  • New daith match types.
  • Post-match attacks make a comeback as players can continue tae attack their opponents efter the match haes ended.
  • Sprites ar designed lairger than in previous Fire Pro games.