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The Fiat 8V (or "Otto Vu") is a sports car produced bi the Italian automaker Fiat from 1952 to 1954. The caur wis introduced at the 1952 Geneva Motor Show. The name 8V was chosen acause they thocht that Ford haed trademarkt the name "V8". They warna a commercial success, but did well in racin. Apairt frae the differential the caur did no share ony pairts wi the ither Fiats (but mony pairts wur made bi Siata an they uised them for their caurs). The 8V wis developed bi Dante Giacosa an the stylist Fabio Lucio Rapi. The ingine wis a V8 oreeginally designed for a luxury sedan, but that project wis stopped. The Fiat V8 haed a 70 degree V configuration o up tae a 1996 cc o volume, at 5600 rpm the ingine produced 105 hp (78 kW) in staundart form givin a top speed o 190 km/h (118 mph). The ingine wis connectit tae a fower speed gearbox. The caur haed independent suspension aw roond an drum brakes on aw fower wheels.

Top management wur preoccupied wi mair run o the mill projects, housomeivver, an ae 114 o the hie-performance coupés haed been produced bi the time the caurs wur wi'drawn frae production in 1954.[1] Nivertheless, they continued tae win the Italian 2-litre GT championship ivery year till 1959.[1]

34 o the cars haed a factory produced bodywirk bi Carozzeria Speciale FIAT. Some caurs haed the bodywirk done bi ither Italian coachbuilders. Carozzeria Zagato made 32 that they labelled "Elaborata Zagato". Ghia an Vignale an aa made bodywirks. Maist wur coupés, but some spyders wur made as well.

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