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Fiat 4 HP

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Fiat 3.5 hp (1899)

The FIAT 4 HP, sometimes cawed the 3 ½ CV, wis the first model o caur produced bi FIAT. Aicht examples wur produced in its first year (1899) an total o 24 atween 1899 an 1900. The caur haed a water cooled 0.7-liter (679 cc) 2-cylinder, rear-mountit ingine producing 4.2 horsepower at 800 rpm, mountit tae a three-speed gearbox. (Nae reverse gear wis includit.) Wi this tiny ingine the caur could achieve top speed o 35 kilometres per hour (22 mph).[1] Despite haein such a sma ingine, the caur uised 8 litres per 100 kilometres (35 mpg-imp; 29 mpg-US) o fuel.[2]

This first Fiat wis based on the wirk o Ceirano GB & C (caur producer) cawed Ceirano Welleyes.[3] The 3 ½ had coachwork made by Marcello Alessio from Turin.[4] Couple o the First Fiats hae survived ane is in Automobile Museum o Turin, an ither ane in the Ford Museum in Dearborn in the USA.[4]

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