Ferrari 348

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Ferrari 348
ManufacturerFerrari S.p.A.
Model years1989–1995 (8,844 produced)
AssemblyMaranello, Italy
Bouk an chassis
ClessSports car
Body styleBerlinetta
LayootRMR layout
RelatitFerrari Mondial t
Ingine3.4 L Tipo F119 V8
Transmission5-speed manual[1][2][3]
Wheelbase2,450 mm (96.5 in)[1]
Lenth4,230 mm (167 in)[1]
Weenth1,894 mm (74.6 in)[1]
Hicht1,170 mm (46.1 in)[1]
Crib wecht1,393 kg (3,071 lb) (TB, TS)[1]
1,370 kg (3,020 lb) (GTS, GTB, Spider)[2][3]
PredecessorFerrari 328
SuccessorFerrari F355

The Ferrari 348 is a mid-ingined, rear wheel drive V8-pouered 2-seat sports caur bi Ferrari S.p.A., replacin the 328 in 1989 an continuin till 1995.

Overview[eedit | eedit soorce]

The 348, badged 348 TB for the coupe (Berlinetta) an 348 TS (Speeder) for the targa versions, featurs a naturally aspirated 3.4 litre version o the quad-cam, 4-valve per cylinder V8 engine which wis oreeginally foond in the 288 GTO sports caur. Sicweys the model name, 3.4 litre 8 cylinder ingine. The ingine producit 300 hp (224 kW) at launch an sits longitudinally wi a transverse gearbox, lik the Mondial t wi which the 348 shares mony components. This wis a major switch for Ferrari, wi maist previous smaw Ferraris uisin a transverse engine wi langitudinal transmission. The transverse gearbox gie the model it's "T" on TS an TB.

Aw 348s wur shipped wi dual-computer engine management wi twin Bosch 2.5 Motronic ECU's, dooble-redundant Anti-Lock Braking seestems.

Likwise, aw 348s wur shipped wi on-buird self-diagnosing Air Conditioning an heating seestems.

U.S. 348s hae functioning on-buird OBDI engine management seestems, tho European variants need tae hae licht bulbs installed intae the dash tae activate this troubleshooting featur.

Similar tae the Testarossa but departing frae the BB 512 an 308/328, the ile an coolant radiators wur relocated frae the neb tae the sides, widening the waist o the caur substantially, but makin the cabin much easier tae cuil, syne hoses routing warm watter no langer ran underneath the cabin as in the aulder front-radiator caurs. This an aa haed the side effect o makin the doors very wide.

Aw Ferrari 348s uise racin "dry-sump" ile seestems tae prevent ile starvation at heich speeds an in haurd corners. The ile level can anly be checked (accurately) on the dip-stick when the motor is running due tae this setup.

Likwise, aw 348s hae suspensions independently adjustable for ride heicht, as well as a removable rear sub-frame tae speed up the removal o the engine for maintenance.

Late versions (1993 an beyond) hae Japanese made starter motors an power generators (tae improve reliability),as well as the battery locatit within the front left fender for better wecht distribution.

Nearly 9,000 348s war produced, an the car's straked side air intakes resemble those o the Testarossa. An aa, 57 "Challenge" models war made for owners who wanted a mair "track-ready" car.

This vehicle servit as a test mule for the Ferrari Enzo an aw. Three o thir wur made.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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