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Ferrari 328 GTB & GTS
Manufacturer Ferrari
Production 1985-1989
Model years 1986-1989
Assembly Maranello, Italy
Designer Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina
Body and chassis
Cless Sports car
Body style Berlinetta
Layoot RMR layout
Relatit Ferrari 3.2 Mondial
Ferrari 208 GTB & GTS
Ingine 3.2 L Tipo F105CB V8
Transmission 5-speed manual
Wheelbase 2,350 mm (92.5 in)
Lenth 4,285 mm (168.7 in)
Weenth 1,730 mm (68.1 in)
Hicht 1,128 mm (44.4 in)
Crib wecht 1,273 kg (2,806 lb)
Predecessor Ferrari 308 QV
Successor Ferrari 348

The Ferrari 328 GTB an GTS wis the successor tae the Ferrari 308 GTB an GTS. While largely based on the 308 GTB an GTS respectively, small modifications war made tae the body style an engine, includin an increase in engine displacement tae 3.2 L (3185 cc). 7,400 Ferrari 328s war produced bi the time the model wis replaced bi the new 348 in 1989, bringin the tot for the 308/328 generation tae nearly 20,000. The 328 is considered bi some Ferrari enthusiasts tae be ane o the maist reliable Ferraris; unlik some models, maist engine maintenance can be performed wioot lifting the engine frae the vehicle.