Ferrari 212 Export

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The Ferrari 212 Export wis a racin sports caur produced bi Ferrari in 1951 tae replace the 195 S. It haed a shorter wheelbase than the road-oriented Ferrari 212 Inter model, which wis a Grand tourer.

The Colombo ingine uised in the Export haed a 8.0:1 compression ratio, up frae the 7.5:1 ratio uised in the Inter. Customers who wantit the Export tae be a faster GT than the Inter ordered the ingine wi ane Weber 36 DCF carburetor, which woud give a pouer ootput o 150 bhp at 6000 rpm. Maist Exports wur uised in competition an wur fittit wi a more complicated setup wi three Weber 32 DCF carburetors, yieldin a pouer ootput o 175 bhp at 6500 rpm.

Twenty-eight 212 Export models were built.

In 1951, 212 Exports took the first three places in the Tour de France automobile racin event an wan the Giro di Sicilia an the Giro di Toscana motor races.