Ferrari 195 S

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Ferrari 195 S
2 produced
DesignerCarrozzeria Touring[1]
Bouk an chassis
ClessSports caur
LayootFR layoot
PredecessorFerrari 166 S
SuccessorFerrari 212 Export

The 195 S wis a racin sports caur produced bi Ferrari in 1950. Introduced at the Giro di Sicilia on Aprile 2, 1950, it wis seemilar tae the 166 MM an aa run at that race. The twa caurs, ane open an ane closed coupe, shared that caur's 2250 mm (89 in) wheelbase but sportit an enlairged 2.3 L (2341 cc/142 in³) version o the Colombo V12. Thir twa initial caurs wur forced tae retire, but three came tae the Mille Miglia o that year, wi the event wan bi the 195 S Touring coupe o Giannino Marzotto.

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