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The Ferrari 166 Inter wis Ferrari's first true grand tourer. An evolution o the 125 S an 166 S racin caurs, it wis a sports caur for the street wi coachbuilt bodies. The Inter name commemoratit the victories claimed in 166 S models bi Scuderia Inter. 37,166 Inters wur biggit frae 1948 throu 1950. Note that baith the 166 S an 166 F2 wur cried "166 Inter" an aw in the days that thay war actively raced bi the Scuderia o the same name.

The 166 Inter shared its Aurelio Lampredi-designed tube frame an double wishbone/live axle suspension an 2420 mm wheelbase wi the 125 S an 166 S. It wis replaced bi the 2.3 L 195 Inter an 2.6 L 212 Inter in 1950 an 1951.

The first Ferrari GT caur debuted at the Paris Motor Show on October 6, 1949. It wis an elegant coupe designed bi Carrozzeria Touring o Milan who haed previously creatit a nummer o seemilar Ferrari an Alfa Romeo models. Customer sales suin startit, wi 166 Inter models becomin the first Ferraris tae be purchased for the road rather than the race track. As wis teepical at the time, a bare chassis wis delivered tae the coachbuilder o the customer's choice. Mony uised Touring, but Ghia's ane-off Boano coupe wis mair darin. Ithers wur biggit bi Stabilimenti Farina, who penned a Cisitalia 202-lik coupe. Vignale jynt in an aw, presagin thair designs o the comin decade, an twa cabriolets creatit bi Pinin Farina an Bertone foreshadowed those companies' later involvement wi Ferrari.

The 1.5 L Gioacchino Colombo-designed V12 ingine frae the 166 S remained, as did its chassis, tho the wheelbase wad eventually grow frae 2420 mm (95 in) tae 2500 mm (98 in). Ootput wis 110 tae 140 hp (82 tae 104 kW) at 6,000 rpm wi ane tae three carburettors.

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