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Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin
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Ferdinand von Zeppelin
Native name Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin
Born 8 Julie 1838
Konstanz, Grand Duchy o Baden (nou pairt o Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
Dee'd 8 Mairch 1917(1917-03-08) (aged 78)
Berlin, Kinrick o Proushie, German Empire (nou pairt o Germany)
Allegiance Grand Duchy o Baden (1855–1917)
German Empire (1871–1917)
Years o service 1855 1885, 1890
Rank Officer (1855–1858)
Lieutenant (1858–1865)
Adjutant (1865–1882)
Commander o the 19t Uhlands (1882–1885)
Generalleutnant (1890)
Signatur Ferdinand von Zeppelin signature.svg

Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin[1] (an aa kent as Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin,[2][lower-alpha 1] Graf Zeppelin an in Scots, Coont Zeppelin) (8 Julie 1838 – 8 Mairch 1917) wis a German general an later aircraft manufacturer. He foondit the Zeppelin airship company.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Regardin personal names: Graf is a teetle, translatit as Coont, nae a first or middle name. The female form is Gräfin. When "Graf" or its Inglis translation "Coont" is uised, it is correct tae omit the "von." Thus, "Ferdinand von Zeppelin", but "Graf Zeppelin" an "Coont Zeppelin".

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