Far North Line

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Far North Line
An Abellio ScotRail Class 158 (158720 "Inverness & Nairn Railway - 150 years") heads into Altnabreac railway station on the north of the line
SeestemNational Rail
AwnerNetwork Rail
Operator(s)Abellio ScotRail
Rowin stockClass 158 "Express Sprinter"
Line lenthInverness to Wick: 161 mile 11 chain (259.3 km)
Georgemas Junction to Thurso: 6 mile 50 chain (10.7 km)
Total: 167 mile 61 chain (270.0 km)
Nummer o tracksSingle track with passing loops
Track gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) staundart gauge
Route map
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The Far North Line is a rural railwey line entirely within the Hieland area o Scotland, extendin frae Innerness tae Thursa an Week. As the name suggests, it is the northernmost railway in the Unitit Kinrick. The line haes mony sections o single track, maistly north o Dingwal. In common wi ither railwey lines in the Hielands an northren Lowlands, it is nae electrified an aw trains are diesel-powered.

Route[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lik the A9 road north o Innerness, the Far North Line generally follows the line o the east-facing Moray Firth coast. Much o the population o the far north o Scotland is concentrated in coastal areas an, in places, the railway is awmaist on the shore, the track running alang the raised beaches left behind as land rebounded follaein the end o the last ice age.

The railwey links mony o the same places as the road. Mony mair places war served bi baith the railwey an the road afore three new road brigs war biggit: across the Moray Firth (atween Innerness an the Black Isle), the Cromarty Firth an the Dornoch Firth. The railwey is nou, in mony places, a lang wey inland frae the route o the A9.

The railwey loops inland frae Tain tae Lairg, which haes never been on the A9, a diversion intendit, at the time o construction, tae open the centre o Sutherland tae tred. The route then returns tae the coast at Golspie. Beyond Golspie, the railwey continues alang the coast as far as Helmsdale, then inland up the Strath o Kildonan an then across the Flow Country tae Halkirk an back tae the east coast at Week. At Georgemas Junction near Halkirk, thare is a branch tae Thursa.

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