Fallopian tube

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Fallopian tubes
Scheme female reproductive system-en.svg
Schematic frontal view o female anatomy
Vessels o the uterus an its appendages, rear view. (Fallopian tubes visible at tap richt an tap left.)
Precursor Müllerian duct
Artery tubal branches o ovarian artery, tubal branch o uterine artery via mesosalpinx
Lymph lumbar lymph nodes
Laitin Tuba uterina
Greek Salpinx
MeSH A05.360.319.114.373
TA A09.1.02.001
FMA 18245
Anatomical terminology

The Fallopian tubes, an aa kent as, uterine tubes, an salpinges (singular salpinx), are twa very fine tubes lined wi ciliated epithelia, leadin frae the ovaries o female mammals intae the uterus, via the utero-tubal junction.