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فیصل آباد
Ceety Destrict
Clock-wise frae top: Faisalabad Clock Tower, Iqbal Stadium, Am-Tex Water Fountain, University of Agriculture, D-Ground Commercial Zone Peoples Colony Sector D, State Life and District Court.
Faisalabad فیصل آباد is located in Pakistan
Faisalabad فیصل آباد
فیصل آباد
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°25′4.8″N 73°4′44.4″E / 31.418000°N 73.079000°E / 31.418000; 73.079000
Kintra Pakistan
Region Punjab
Destrict Faisalabad Destrict
Autonomous touns 8
Union cooncils 289
 • Type Ceety Destrict
 • Destrict Coordination Officer Muhammad Amin Chaudhry
 • Ceety Destrict 1,280 km2 (490 sq mi)
 • Metro 5,856 km2 (2,261 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Ceety Destrict 4,177,246
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC+6)
Area code(s) 041
Website www.faisalabad.gov.pk

Faisalabad, (Urdu: فيصل آباد) umwhile kent as Lyallpur, is the third lairgest metropolis in Pakistan, the seicont lairgest in the province o Punjab efter Lahore, an a major industrial centre in the hert o Pakistan.

Kent as the Manchester of Pakistan an aw,[2] Faisalabad remains an important industrial ceety wast o Lahore. The ceety-destrict o Faisalabad is boond on the north bi the destricts o Hafizabad an Chiniot, on the east bi Nankana Sahib, on the sooth bi Sahiwal, an Toba Tek Singh an on the wast bi Jhang.

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