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Fairfield, Californie

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(Reguidit frae Fairfield)
Downtown Fairfield
Downtown Fairfield

Fairfeld is a ceety situatit in Northren Californie, USA, naur San Francisco an Sacramento. Fairfield, foondit in 1859 bi clippership caiptain Robert H. Waterman, an cried efter his ae-time hametoun o Fairfeld, Connecticut, is the hame o Travis Air Force Base. It haes a population o 101,935 as o a Julie 1, 2002 Census na-pruived. It pairts a mairch wi its sister ceity, Suisun Ceity.[whaur?] Ither naurby ceities includes Vacaville an Vallejo. Fairfield is the coontie saet o Solano Coontie.

Coordinates: 38°15′28″N 122°03′15″W / 38.2578°N 122.0542°W / 38.2578; -122.0542