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Austria Wien
Fou name Fußballklub Austria Wien
Elk-name(s) Die Veilchen (The Violets)
Foondit 15 Mairch 1911; 106 years ago (1911-03-15)
Grund Franz Horr Stadium,
Vienna, Austrick
(capacity: 10,850)
Chairman Wolfgang Katzian
Manager Thomas Parits
Coach Nenad Bjelica
League Austrian Bundesliga
2012–13 Austrian Bundesliga, 1st
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Away colours
Current season

Fußballklub Austria Wien (German pronunciation: [aʊ̯sˈtʀiə viːn]; eften kent in Inglis as Austria Vienna, an usually shortened tae Austria in German speakin kintras) is an Austrian association fitbaa club frae the caipital ceety o Vienna. The club hae wan 24 Austrian Bundesliga teetles, surpassed anerly bi thair cross-ceety rivals SK Rapid Wien. Wi 27 victories in the Austrian Cup an sax in the Austrian Supercup, Austria Wien is the maist successful club in each o those toornaments. The club reached the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup feenal in 1978, an the semi-finals o the European Cup the saison efter.