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Teep o businessPrivate
Teep o steid
Photo sharing / Social Networking
HeidquartersKohlfurter Str 41/43
, Germany
Area servedWarldwide
Foonder(s)Florian Meissner
Ramzi Rizk
Gen Sadakane
Lorenz Aschoff
CEOFlorian Meissner
EmployeesOwer 70
Alexa rankIncrease 31,404 (September 2016)[1]
LaunchedFebruary, 2011[2]
Current statusActive

EyeEm (oreeginally Eye'em), pronoonced "I am",[3] is a technology company with a global photografie community and marketplace that wis co-foondit bi Florian Meissner, Ramzi Rizk, Gen Sadakane, and Lorenz Aschoff in Berlin.[4] Eyeem.com and the EyeEm mobile app is a place for photographers of ony ability tae share, interact and learn mair about photografie.[5] The technology company uises artificial intelligence tae find the best eemages tae license tae brands, agencies or individuals luiking for authentic eemagery.[6] As of August 2016, the community conseests of ower 18 million photographers and mair nor 70M photos.[7]

Histerie[eedit | eedit soorce]

In early 2010, photo enthusiasts Florian Meissner, Ramzi Rizk, Gen Sadakane and Lorenz Aschoff came thegither tae discuss mobile photografie. Bi Mairch, thay decidit tae host ane of the warld's first mobile photografie competitions and host an exhibition. The winners and runners-up were pairt of an exhibition that tuik place in Berlin in Juin 22 of the same year.[8]

During the beta period, EyeEm wis an iPhone anelie app and wis called EYE'EM, and managit tae hae mair nor 5,000 uisers frae 79 kintras.[9] In early 2011, Meissner, Rizk, Sadakane, and Aschoff decidit tae wirk on the idea full-time and launched the first version of the EyeEm app on Android and iOS in August 2011 following the beta test period.[10]

In Mairch 2014, EyeEm pairtnered with Getty Eemages tae distribute photographs taken by EyeEm uisers.[11] By June 2014, EyeEm haed ower 10 million uisers.[12]

In Mairch 2015, EyeEm reached 13 million uisers and launched Market, its own online marketplace where uisers can sell thair own eemages.[13] A month later, in April 2015, the technology company raised $18M in Series B funding. The round wis led by Valar Ventures and includes existing investors Earlybird Ventures, Passion Caipital, Wellington Pairtners, Atlantic Labs and Open Ocean Caipital. As pairt of the new round, Valar tuik a board seat at the company.[14] In June 2015, EyeEm launched the Discover Feed, a manually curatit feed, in an effort tae showcase the “maist beautiful eemages frae featurit photographers and albums.”[15] In September 2015, EyeEm launched EyeEm Vision (previously called EyeVision), a deep learning computer veesion framewirk that recognizes concepts and ranks aesthetics of eemages.[16]

In January 2016, EyeEm announced a new pairtnership with Alamy aes another distribution pairtner besides Getty.[17] In Mey 2016, EyeEm launched The Roll, an iOS app that analyzes the camera roll and uises computer vision tae tag the eemages and rank the photos bi how good they are.[18] The app made heidlines at Apple's warldwide developer conference (WWDC 2016), where it wis annoonced that The Roll will be ane of the first apps tae deeply integrate with Siri, "bi combining speech recognition with EyeEm’s aesthetic rank technology".[19] In July 2016, EyeEm reaches 18M uisers and opens thair Wab Uplaid tae all uisers so that it is as easy as possible for Flickr uisers tae uplaid thair pictures tae EyeEm Market and join their photografie based community.[20]

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