Eurovision Sang Contest 1972

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The Euroveesion Sang Contest 1972 wis the 17t edeetion o the lang-rinnin televeesion competeetion, an wis hauden in the Usher Hall in Edinburrie on Mairch 25t, 1972. It is the ae time up til nou that the competeetion haes been hauden in Scotland. The presenter wis Moira Shearer. The tap sang, waled at the end o the nicht bi a puckle fowk fae athort Europe, wis Luxembourg's Après toi (French for 'efter ye'), bi Vicky Leandros.

The sang fae the hame kintra (the Unitit Kinrick, acause Scotland wisna - an still isna - able tae pit a sang forrit til the competeetion in its ain richt) wis Beg, Steal or Borrow bi the New Seekers, an it cam a guid seicont.