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Eurolang is an international airtificial language creatit by Philip Hunt atween 1995 and 1998 tae be a language for the European Union. The makar stated, as a principle o the design, that the language suld be gey easy for Europeans tae learn. In contrast wi ither languages like Esperanto, Eurolang includes a muckle nummer o wirds directly borrowed frae Inglis.

At present there isna ony commonty o active speakers o Eurolang. The wabsteid o the makar, whaur he described the language, haes disappearit frae the net.

Smaw pairt representin Eurolang[eedit | eedit soorce]

Eurolang est actifacta lang, qui me creatab estar comuna 2a lang per la Europa Unized (EU). Its word-list est baseda super England-lang, Deutsh-lang, France-lang, Italia-lang, Espanja-lang et Latin. Me desinab it estar facila lernar et usar.

Detail est, que lernabera Europa person, qui deja sav un or plus un de da langs, probablae pos lectar Eurolang (no tropa usation de dictionary), si ge est lernabera it per 2 days. Evidentae, facation it est plus unfacila rel lection it.

Ither website[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Website o Eurolang by the makar (na longer existing; link tae the archive Wayback Machine)