Esha Ness Lichthoose

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Eshaness Lighthouse
Esha Ness Lighthouse.jpg
Location Northmavine peninsula, Shetland, Scotland
Coordinates 60°29.3′N 01°37.6′W / 60.4883°N 1.6267°W / 60.4883; -1.6267Coordinates: 60°29.3′N 01°37.6′W / 60.4883°N 1.6267°W / 60.4883; -1.6267
Year first lit 1929
Automatit 1974
Touer shape Square
Merkins / pattern White
Hicht 12 metres (39 ft)
Focal hicht 61 metres (200 ft)
Intensity 46,500 CD
Range 25 nautical miles; 29 miles (46 km)
Chairactereestic White Flash every 12 secs
Managin augent Northern Lighthouse Board Edit this on Wikidata
Heritage category B listed building Edit this on Wikidata

Eshaness Lichthoose is situatit on the Northmavine peninsula in the north-wast o the Shetland Islands, Scotland.