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Goddess o the Dawn
Eos (1895) bi Evelyn De Morgan
Personal Information
ParentsHyperion an Theia
SiblinsHelios an Selene
Roman equivalentAurora

In Greek meethology, Ēōs (/ˈɒs/; Ancient Greek: Ἠώς, or Ἕως, Éōs, "dawn", pronounced [ɛːɔ̌ːs] or [éɔːs]; an aa Αὔως, Aúōs in Aeolic) is a Titaness an the goddess[1] o the dawn, wha rose ilka morning frae her hame at the edge o the Oceanus.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Lycophron caws her bi an airchaic name, Tito (the Titaness). Kerenyi observes that Tito shares a lingueestic origin wi Eos's luiver Tithonus, that belanged tae an aulder, pre-Greek leid. (Kerenyi 1951:199 note 637)