Entre Ríos, Tarija

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Entre Ríos
Plaza de Entre Rios, Tarija, Bolivia.jpg
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Coordinates: 21°31′35″S 64°10′24″W / 21.52639°S 64.17333°W / -21.52639; -64.17333
KintraFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivie
DepairtmentTarija Depairtment
ProvinceBurdett O'Connor Province
 • Total2,800

Entre Ríos (Spaingie: atween the rivers) is a toun in the Bolivie Tarija Depairtment.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

Entre Ríos is the admeenistrative centre o Burdett O'Connor Province. It is located at 1,230 m at the confluence o Río Tambo an ane o its tributars, 110 km an a three-oor ride east o Tarija, the depairtmental caipital. The toun is bordered bi north-sootherly muntain ranges an situatit in a elongatit triangular hollow o 10 km lenth.

Climate[eedit | eedit soorce]

The average yearly temperatur o Entre Ríos is 20.9°C, the yearly precipitation o 1,300 mm appears mainly in the simmer's wet saison frae Januar tae Mairch.

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Entre Ríos' population at the 2001 census wis 2,413, an haes risen tae circa 2,800 fowk in 2007. The Entre Ríos region is still ane o the main dounset auries o the Guaraní fowk who hae inhabitit the Paraná Basin for millenniums.

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Coordinates: 21°31′35″S 64°10′24″W / 21.52639°S 64.17333°W / -21.52639; -64.17333