Elotepec Zapotec

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Elotepec Zapotec
(San Juan Elotepec)
Native taeMexico
Native speakers
(200 citit 1990 census)[1]
Leid codes
ISO 639-3zte

Elotepec Zapotec (Zapoteco de San Juan Elotepec) is a Zapotec leid o a single veelage in wastren Oaxaca, Mexico, San Juan Elotepec in the Municipio o Villa Sola de Vega.[2] It is ane of several Zapotec leids cried Papabuco, an haes 68% intelligibility o Zaniza Zapotec.[3]

INALI, the Naitional Institute o Indigenous Leids o Mexico, an the Documentin Endangered Leids Program o the Naitional Science Foondation hae fundit the creation o a online archive o Elotepec Zapotec.[4]

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