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Elgin Cathedral

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Elgin Cathedral
DenominationPre-Reformation kirk
Authorisin papal bull10 Apryle 1224 (1224-04-10)
Foonder(s)Bishop Andreas de Moravia
DedicationThe Holy Trinity
Dedicatit19 Julie 1224 (1224-07-19)
EventsCathedral an chanonry damaged bi fire – in 1270, 1390 an 1402
Associatit fowkKeeng Alexander II
Alexander Stewart, Earl o Buchan
Alexander Gordon, 1st Earl o Huntly
John Shanks
Functional statusRuin
Heritage designationCategory 'A' leetit biggin
DioceseMoray (est. x1114–1127x1131)
Bishop(s)(O significance)
Bricius de Douglas
Andreas de Moravia
Alexander Bur
Patrick Hepburn

Elgin Cathedral, sometimes cried The Lantern o the North,[1] is a historic ruin in Elgin, Moray, north-east Scotland. The cathedral, dedicate tae the Holy Trinity, wis estaiblisht in 1224 on land grantit bi King Alexander II furth o the burgh o Elgin an naur the River Lossie.[2] It replaced the cathedral at Spynie, 3 kilometre (1.9 mi) norlins, that wis served bi a smaa chapter o aicht clerics.

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Coordinates: 57°39′02″N 03°18′20″W / 57.65056°N 3.30556°W / 57.65056; -3.30556