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Elgin, Moray

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Eilginn cathedral

Ailgin (Scots Gaelic: Eilginn) is an umwhyl cathedral ceitie an Ryal Burgh in Moray, Scotland an is the admeenistrative an commercial centur for Moray. The toun begoud til the sooth o the River Lossie on the heicher grund abuin the fluid plain. Elgin is first documentit in the Cartulary o Moray in 1190. It wis makkit a Ryal Burgh in the 12t yeirhunder bi King David I o Scots an bi that tym thar wis a castil on tap o the-day's Lady Hill til the wast o the toun.

Coordinates: 57°38′47″N 3°18′55″W / 57.6464°N 3.3153°W / 57.6464; -3.3153