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English chemist John Daniell (left) an pheesicist Michael Faraday (richt), baith credited as foonders o electrochemistry the day.

Electrochemistry is a branch o chemistry that studies chemical reactions which tak place in a solution at the interface o an electron conductor (the electrode: a metal or a semiconductor) an an ionic conductor (the electrolyte). These reactions involve electron transfer atween the electrode an the electrolyte or species in solution.

If a chemical reaction is driven bi an externally applied voltage, as in electrolysis, or if a voltage is creatit bi a chemical reaction as in a battery, it is an electrochemical reaction. In contrast, chemical reactions whaur electrons are transferred atween molecules are cried oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions. In general, electrochemistry deals wi situations whaur redox reactions are separatit in space or time, connectit bi a fremmit electric circuit.