El Oued

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El Oued

Commune an toun
El Oued is located in Algerie
El Oued
El Oued
Coordinates: 33°27′20″N 7°11′0″E / 33.45556°N 7.18333°E / 33.45556; 7.18333
Kintra Algerie
ProvinceEl Oued Province
ProvinceEl Oued Destrict
76 m (249 ft)
 • Total134,699
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

El Oued (Arabic: اﻟﻮادى‎, meanin the River) or Oued Souf is a ceety, an the caiptial o El Oued Province, in Algerie.

The oasis toun is watered bi an unnergrund river, hence its name, which enables date palm cultivation an the rare uise (for the desert) o brick construction for hoosin. As maist roofs are domit, it is kent as the "Ceety o a Thoosan Domes"[1].

El Oued is locatit 400 mile sootheast o Algiers (the caipital ceety o Algerie), near the Tunisie border. It lies aboot 20 kilometres sooth o Guemar Airport. The population o El Oued wis 134,699 as o the 2008 census,[1] up frae 105,256 in 1998,[2] wi a population growth rate o 2.5%.[1]

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