El Marqués

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El Marqués, Querétaro, Mexico
Latitude 20.31° N
Langitude 100.09° W
Municipal preses José Gómez Güémez (PAN)
Surface 787.4 km²
Population (2005) 79,743
HDI (2000) 0.7295
Time zone (UTC) -6 UTC CST
GDP (per capita) (2000) US$4.515,00
Offeecial wabsteid: http://www.elmarques.gob.mx

El Marques is a municipality in the Mexican state o Querétaro. It receives its name frae Juan Antonio de Urrutia y Arana, the Marquis o the Villa del Villar del Águila, who built the aqueduct that suppleed watter tae the state caipital for centuries. Its seat is the toun o La Cañada. It forms pairt o the metropolitan aurie o Querétaro, an is hame tae mony state o the airt industrial pairks, as well as tae Querétaro Internaitional Airport.

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