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Foondit7 June 1932

EgyptAir (Arabic: مصر للطيران, Miṣr liṬ-Ṭayārān) is the banner carrier airline o Egyp an a member o Star Alliance. The airline is based at Cairo Internaitional Airport, its main hub, operatin scheduled passenger an freight services tae mair nor 75 destinations in the Middle East, Europe, Africae, Asie, an the Americas. An extensive netwirk o domestic services is focused on Cairo, Egyp's caipital.

EgyptAir is Africae's lairgest airline, joinin Star Alliance on 11 Julie 2008. The company is heidquartered in the EgyptAir Administrative Complex on the grunds o Cairo Internaitional Airport in Cairo. The airline's logo is Horus, the sky deity in auncient Egyptian meethology, uisually depictit as a falcon or a man wi the heid o a falcon. The airline haes taken Horus as its logo acause o its auncient seembolism as a "winged god o the sun".