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Edward Purcell
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Edward Mills Purcell (1912–1997)
Born 30 August 1912(1912-08-30)
Taylorville, Illinois, Unitit States
Died 7 Mairch 1997(1997-03-07) (aged 84)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, Unitit States
Naitionality Unitit States
Alma mater Purdue Varsity (BSEE)
Harvard Varsity (M.A.)
Harvard Varsity (Ph.D)
Kent for Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
Smith-Purcell effect
21 cm line
Awairds Nobel Prize for Pheesics (1952)
Oersted Medal (1967)
Naitional Medal o Science (1979)
Max Delbruck Prize (1984)
Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize (1988)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Harvard Varsity
Doctoral advisor Kenneth Bainbridge
Other academic advisors John Van Vleck
Doctoral students George Pake
George Benedek
Charles Pence Slichter
Ither notable students Nicolaas Bloembergen

Edward Mills Purcell (August 30, 1912 – Mairch 7, 1997) wis an American pheesicist wha shared the 1952 Nobel Prize for Pheesics for his independent discovery (published 1946) o nuclear magnetic resonance in liquids an in solits.[1] Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) haes acome widely uised tae study the molecular structur o pure materials an the composeetion o mixturs.

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