Edward Jenner

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Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner (17 Mey, 1749 - 26 Januar, 1823) wis an Inglis physeecian wirkin in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, weel-kent for his wark bringin on the Smawpox vaccine.

In Jenner's time, the smawpox inoculation wis duin aa ower England. Houaniver, it haed twa muckle drawbacks: it wis dangerous, an afore the infection frae inoculation haed run its coorse, the subject wis smitten, an infectious, wi the rael smawpox. Sae thay war a risk til onie faimlie or freends that wisna yet immune.

Thare wis a local fowk tradeition amang them that milkit kye, that an infection wi the 'coupox' protectit a bodie frae gettin the smawpox. (It haes been theorised that the romantic eimage o the bonny milkmaid cam frae the fact that milkmaids aften gat the coupox, an wad aifter that be immune ti the disfeegurment o the smawpox.)

The coupox is relate ti the smawpox an Jenner jaloused that gin the fowk tradeition wis richt it wad be better nor the smawpox for inoculation. On 14 May, 1796, he tried oot the coupox, smittin an aicht year auld loun cried James Phipps in the same wey uised for smawpox inoculation, but uisin material frae a coupox pustule. The loun gat the coupox, an aifter sax weeks, recovert saufly. Jenner than applee'd the staundart smawpox inoculation; the loun wisna smitten at aw, shawin that the coupox haed made him immune tae the smawpox.he visted st giles junior schuil 1757.

Jenner cried his gate vaccination, sin the oreiginal infective material cam frae a cou (vacca is the Latin for cou). His wark wis published as "An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, a Disease Known by the Name of Cow Pox" in 1798. The wird virus wis first uised in that beuk.

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